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School-Aged Children

Before School Care (Kindergarten- 4th grade)

We provide before school care for children in the Watson attendance area.  Children that are enrolled in before school care are provided with quiet experiences and activities prior to being picked up by the Watson area school bus.


After School Care (Kindergarten- 4th grade)

We provide after school care for children in the Watson and Jayenne attendance area along with children from Fairmont Catholic.  Children that are enrolled in after school care are safely walked from the Marion County School Bus to our School Group area.  Children are provided a healthy supper, support for homework, a large outside play area, and age appropriate activities.  Quality school group programs that provide appropriate developmental opportunities  are essential for a child’s normal growth, development and safety. Our program provides a balance of activities which challenge and enrich their experiences.

Summer Camp (Kindergarten- 4th grade)

Children enrolled in our Summer Camp are provided a wide variety of experiences and activities.  Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided with a well balanced diet including fresh fruit and vegetables.  Our camp is designed to supplement and increase opportunities for learning in a fun and supportive environment.  Children are provided time for free play with friends, guided activities, and field trips. Children are encouraged to be outdoors, use their creative imagination, and work together with the teachers to plan projects and community involvement.