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Sunbeam Early Learning Center – Nurturing, Quality Child Care

Child Care Center in Fairmont, WV

As soon as you enter Sunbeam Child Care Center, you’ll understand why families have trusted Sunbeam for over 38 years. It’s a place where kids feel safe and nurtured, where they receive a balance of loving care and academic encouragement. Play is a priority, but the play is carefully designed to help children develop cognitively, physically, and socially – all important aspects of early learning.

We strive for an atmosphere that respects the individual differences of children and their parents, and yet appreciate the individual differences in all of us. We invite you to bring your child and visit us in person – so you can see our outstanding program in action.


The Child Care Center Parents in Fairmont, WV & Surrounding Areas Trust

The goals of our center are:

  1. To help children build healthy self-esteem, sense of trust and a feeling of security; because how they see themselves and their places in the world will affect everything they do in life.
  2. To help children socialize in a positive manner with other
    children, as well as significant adults, since throughout life all children will be interacting with others.
  3. To help children discover, learn, understand, and experience as
    many things as possible in appropriate activities and to grow and
    develop into strong, healthy human beings.
  4. To build a fruitful working relationship between home and school
    that will help the family to build a strong foundation for the growth that is to come.

We believe the purpose of child care is two-fold:

First, children should be cared for in a safe, nurturing place that parents can trust when children and parents are apart.

Second, children should be involved in a developmentally appropriate program which fully promotes each child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

We strive for an atmosphere that respects the individual differences of children and their parents, and yet appreciates the similarity in all of us.

Additionally, we set high standards for our program. We are an example in our community of the quality child care services that all children deserve.

At Sunbeam Early Learning Center, we offer time and room:

to grow,

to explore,

to experiment,

to discover,

to play,

but most of all to BE A CHILD!




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red-phone.png 304-366-8590

1654 Mary Lou Retton Dr.
Fairmont, WV 26554